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A brand built from a mother's love

If you really want to know the story of Purple Love, let's hop in a time machine, back to 1994.  Brittany Chanel and her mom Sharon, started a new hobby visiting bead stores all over metro Detroit. They'd spend hours studying the design of various beads, admiring their color, shapes and sizes, and creating patterns for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Sharon quickly realized Brittany's strong interest and intuitiveness in creating jewelry, plus enjoyed the time they spent together, so she continued to take Brittany to bead supply stores and encouraged her to make jewelry for family and friends.


What started out as a mother-daughter bond, turned into a passion that grew into a pursuit to curate and design one of a kind pieces -- like the original pieces Brittany created as a young girl with her mom.   


If you've shopped with us before, you know that Purple Love Jewelry is trendy yet timeless. The new collection of sterling silver pieces carry a simple yet bold statement, do everything with LOVE. Designed by Brittany Chanel and handmade in Detroit. 

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